roll on [TDC604]

It is necessary only for good men to do nothing for evil to triumph

So Mr Coe has been in the firing line this week as the drug scandals of athletics roll on and on. I don’t see what the issue is really. Catch a cheat, strip awards, get prize monies back, ban them for life, institute criminal charges. Make it known it is a retroactive deal. Problem solved.

This of course takes those that are supposedly leaders to start actually leading and stop playing politics. The ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality. the ‘save face’ mentality, the ‘keep everyone happy’ mentality have no place in effective or moral management.

Today a 4 mile jog to work and 12 miles afterwards for a recovery minimal mileage day. Of course the difference between ‘recovery days’ and ‘needed for 600 miles’ will become zero by the middle of the week.

DAY16 miles
minimum total needed 136
For 600 miles needed 320

TDC 604 days 6344 miles
RTR100 3890/4810 [80]


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