psych [TDC601]

Yesterday reminded me how much running is a mental activity. I could/should? have easily pushed on through a little amount of physical tiredness to do another 20 mile ish or plus day. But the head was annoyed/miffed/saddened to seem conned by unfairness. A great idea let down, in my opinion. A typical school report of ‘could do much better’.

Of course we all get more or less time to train/commit to running depending on life commitments, which vary from day/week/month to …

Looking at my last few year’s race results though [not that I have really raced that much comparatively over my running years] it is easy with hindsight to see that lack of time or the other usual excuses we often allow ourselves to make, has not been the limiting factor in my progress/achievement.


My ‘sudden’ spike in improvement over the last 10 months to better than over the last 5 years [though being older] has not been down to better training, increased knowledge, better methods, etc but more a gradual return to where I should have been anyway. No, more telling is the drop in performance from the middle of the above graph. Interesting to think where I might have been presently without the mental and emotional turmoil of the 2 years where the huge drop can be observed?

Yes , as the man says “head is where it’s at”.

Today just 10 miles early morning and another 7 miles after work. Weather has turned Arctic.

DAY13 miles
minimum total needed 91
For 600 miles needed 260

TDC 601 days 6289 miles
RTR100 3835/4810 [79]


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