miffed [TDC600]

Very strange to not run early this morning as lower back a bit sore [from all the stops and turns last night] yet legs only moderately tired. Not sure what to do with myself now that the ‘beat boxing’ is done? Back to ‘regular’ running. Will have to make up some more adventures.

Newham Recorder 11/11/15

Newham Recorder 11/11/15

Rather miffed to find some ‘strangeness’ with the Beat the Street challenge this morning. Unknown rules [two taps have to be at least 1 minute apart – so why did they install some boxes so close to each other? why did they not say this? – as I would have slowed down 3 seconds if I had known!! How come the first place teams score increased so much after the final whistle? How come someone in the team I was in was able to leave after the final whistle – so that the hard work I did for 3 hours counted for nothing?

All seems rather suspicious! [compare with TDC599’s image taken at 01.35 in the morning after the challenge finished]. This is after probably 1,000 points was added to my account due to their admitted system errors in logging. At least I know I contributed nearly 40% of the team score [and in only the last 6 days out of 50 days total].


Of course there is little ’empty’ mileage when you are training for extra long distance, but I would have preferred 30 and 20 mile days than 37 and 12 miles. I also would have got much more sleep. And I hate feeling that I [and others] have been conned!? I guess I am a natural ‘crusader’.

Hard to believe that I have now been at this TDC challenge for 600 days. Currently 272 miles ahead of needed TDC minimum daily average, with that sure to rise if the rest of November goes well. Also with completing the minimum needed MMM2015 mileage going forward, I will get to 682 miles at least. So I guess I have to try for 750 miles for November now? Can these numbers be correct?

A very slow jog/walk today on a changeable weather day. This running lark can’t be too bad for you. I was in bed for 2am this morning after the big evening effort but awake at 6am [forced myself to sleep in till 7am]. However as soon as the ‘exercise’ started I was pretty tired. Not really the legs – more the energy system being run down. A useful reminder. And a precursor of what to expect next Summer?

DAY12 miles
minimum total needed 78
For 600 miles needed 240

TDC 600 days 6272 miles
RTR100 3818/4810 [79]


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