knees [TDC599]

Really long 37 mile total day, where I felt like I did nothing but run and work; though I did attend a guide leading workshop with others from viewtube in the evening. [7 miles early AM, 4 miles lunchtime, 9 miles after work and 17 miles after guide running]. All the miles were ‘beat boxing’.

I pushed to see if it was possible to catch up the first beat the street team before close of play at midnight tonight? I ran until 15 seconds before midnight [even speeding up at the end] in that attempt, and after the scores are updated I think I may have managed to push my team into first. Whatever happens it was a fun attempt. Though a bit crazy just running between lampposts all day.


If only I’d have know about this sooner, it would have been a piece of cake. Certainly would have made it easier on the knees; which are a little sore from all the sudden stops and changes of direction. Otherwise feeling fine on the second 30+ day in a row, but tomorrow will almost certainly be my first ‘recovery’ minimal MMM2015 mileage day of this year.

I didn’t expect to be nearly 65 miles ahead of schedule at this point, and only 1,000 miles to go till year end [attempted anyway]. Will be interesting to see how the legs feel in a few hours. First lie in day in weeks.

DAY11 miles
minimum total needed 66
For 600 miles needed 220

TDC 599 days 6260 miles
RTR100 3806/4810 [79]


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