trots [TDC597]

And yet more boxes today! The fun completion has two more days so as good an excuse as any to beat the street a bit more. I’m running around anyway, right? Annoyed that 3 people have joined the team in the last day; so they have contributed nothing in real terms but might get £15 out of it? Especially as they have brought the average score down and with all I am doing I thought there might be a slim chance to get the first rather than second place.

A couple of little 3 mile jog/walks before work and at lunchtime, and an 18 mile trot around after work, for a 24 mile total day. Already 32 miles ahead of the bigger MMM2015 challenge target and so far feeling fine. At this rate I may have to aim for 700 miles!?

DAY 9 miles
minimum total needed 45
For 600 miles needed 180

TDC 597 days 6189 miles
RTR100 3735/4810 [77]


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