beaten [TDC596]

The beat the street part 3 adventure this morning. 26 miles covered [but my watch turned off between Well Street Common and London Fields and back to Victoria Park near the end of the run!]


The remainder of the boxes done; 4 not working today. Great to have viewtube company for 22 miles. All 166 boxes visited in under 48 hours.

Legs tired but feel better than at day end yesterday, so hopefully that means I am acclimatizing? Ahead of schedule by 28 miles so far. Now need to decide if tomorrow is a relative recovery day or I keep on blasting away at the 20 mile-ish days? Whatever happens I should reach 200 miles this month tomorrow so I can have another bar of chocky.

DAY 8 miles
minimum total needed 36
For 600 miles needed 160

TDC 596 days 6165 miles
RTR100 3711/4810 [77]


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