Today was the  beat the street part 2 adventure. In total 32 miles [8.5 before 2 hours of parkrun duties, and the rest after]. A fair bit of running up and down at two points as the map is quite inaccurate. Only one box didn’t work today.

Annoyingly it seems 14 of the boxes I visited last night have no score currently. MUST be a glitch? Very fed up if is not corrected!

Strange weather: warm early on, drizzle, then very heavy rain and high winds, then sunshine. Pace not as slow as it seems [given all the stopping and reorienting constantly]. Right lower shin a bit sore today bit otherwise just general tiredness. Ahead of schedule, so lets see how tomorrow goes? If need be a mini-recovery of only 9 miles would be fine on Monday.

DAY 7 miles
minimum total needed 28
For 600 miles needed 140

TDC 595 days 6139 miles
RTR100 3685/4810 [76]


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