boxed [TDC594]

Well today was to have been a short recovery day of only 13 miles. 3 miles jog to work and 10 miles on the beat the street part 1 adventure.


Rare Penfold hexagonal Victorian Pillar Box.

As it happens I took a rest in the morning by not running, but ended up doing 18 miles in the evening on my adventure [6 miles before, 12 miles during Run England session and immediately after. Lucky to have some viewtube pals along for the middle 10K of that distance; as that made spotting beat boxes easier..

Annoyingly two of the boxes didn’t seem to work and one couldn’t be found [I’ll need to return to that area again just for those boxes!] but I visited 39 boxes. I hope there is simply a time lag as currently the website says I only visited 6 and my score is zero!!!

DAY 6 miles
minimum total needed 21
For 600 miles needed 120

TDC 594 days 6107 miles
RTR100 3653/4810 [75]


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