screwy [TDC591]

Three days gone and all looking good so far; but such early days. 7 miles ahead of the big schedule, but the last 10 days of the challenge the mileage necessarily ups itself anyway so any ‘lost’ miles earlier on are not so important.

In fact as long as I average 20 miles a day for the first 9 days I could then take it easier for the next 10 days as the shortfall over that period will be covered by the longfall over the last 10 days. ie day 10 and day 30 together still average 20 miles.

RP10K Nov1st2015

Today only 30 miles [9 mile run with Ellie early AM, 4 miles lunchtime, 9 miles (not 13 miles) after work then another 8 miles Sweatshop leading and jog home]. Watch did something screwy after work, so have had to take 4 miles off.

DAY 3 miles
minimum total needed 6
For 600 miles needed 60

TDC 591 days 6044 miles
RTR100 3590/4810 [74]


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