10KM [TDC589]

So let the month commence! Movember Milo Miles is here once again! A minimum of 465 miles needed this month but I am going to shoot the moon for over 600 miles during November in aid of Help for Heroes [as fittingly November is a month for remembrance].



Looked like the bonfires had started early this morning; heavy fog everywhere. Started today in strange fashion, with a 10K race and SB. I have never run 10Ks with any determination in my years of long distance running [always preferring half marathons as my shortest distance] so this is only about my 8th? such distance.

viewtube runners at Regent's Park 10K

viewtube runners at Regent’s Park 10K

Bad stitch at 4-5K and pace slowed 20 seconds a mile pace and again similarly with a mile to go. Certainly feel I should have got 41.30 today but secondary aim of sub 42 mins accomplished, just. With some proper core strength work over the Winter and losing 15lbs by the Spring I should get well under 40 mins next year hopefully?


Went and had a look at some of the sculptures left out from last month’s Frieze art fair before running back along the canal to viewtube and a late breakfast. A lovely 15 mile morning and 1.5 mile walk home after.

This evening I couldn’t help myself jogging a cool down 5 miles to/from Wanstead Flats for the firework display; but it was cancelled due to the fog! No matter, a perfect day with friends and a 20 mile start to the month’s total.

DAY 1 miles
minimum total needed 1
For 600 miles needed 20

TDC 589 days 5997 miles
RTR100 3543/4810 [73]


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