desk job [TDC583]

Had to laugh at this article in the paper. Whoever said that standing desks were about calorie expenditure? I assume this is what has been measured here? The main gain is in postural muscle toning [essential for good running form] and I have never met anyone that hasn’t said that standing up all day isn’t tiring. Tiring does not have to equate to calories burnt for it to be of benefit. Functioning optimally whilst tired mentally is a hallmark of longer races, so anything that imitates that tiredness is of good use. I have also never heard anyone that is tired stating that they would prefer to stand rather than sit. I suspect that those that stand are also more likely to move around often rather than stay sitting all day?


Today I took a ‘holiday’. I didn’t run, just ate crap food and put my feet up. Walked a mile to the shops at lunchtime and had to go out for a similar walk at 11pm as I had ants in my pants. A good sign

TDC 583 days 5910 miles
RTR100 3456/4810 [71]


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