Jog to and from Hackney Marshes parkrun. Another current PB with 5 seconds off last week’s time. A bit disappointed as I feel I can go much faster, but it was a little experiment this morning.

Earlier in the week I ran a mile TT and was also disappointed to be slow at only 6.17  but feeling I could perhaps keep that kind of pace up for much longer. Today I ran the first mile in 6.13 [so clearly the TT wasn’t the best I could do] a little faster than planned but I wanted to see what pace I could keep up for how long? Slowed drastically in the middle [but still at half way 10 seconds faster than last week] and although I speeded up the last mile I couldn’t pick up speed again enough to do the 19.40 I think I should have done.

Still, 73.72% age graded and that’s equivalent to 17.30 for a 20-30 year old runner so not all bad. Also improvements are not to do with weight loss, as another bloody month at the same heavy weight.


TDC 574 days 5829 miles
RTR100 3375/4810 [70]


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