Ealing feeling [TDC554]

Lovely longer day. Sun shining. Great company; viewtube guys, and we met our friends from Sikhs in the City. A few of us raced and a few of us volunteered, at the 4th Ealing Half Marathon. Those that volunteered then run back the 16 miles with me to Stratford, as their slower Half Marathon equivalent.


Pleased with a 1:30.32 time for the Half on a day I was merely content to do a fast training run at the end of a 115 mile week. Two and a half minutes faster than the flat course Half two weeks ago, and I felt well within myself. Legs showed their tiredness over the last couple of miles though.

Beginning to think about what I might be able to do if I can lose some of this stubborn weight? Age graded the result today means 73.3% [or 1:20.46 for a 25 year old at race weight] so I’m slowly getting back to it.

TDC 554 days 5623 miles
RTR100 3169/4810 [65]


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