5KM [TDC540]

Glad to see that Paula Radcliffe has released blood test data and explained the results. Now we can get on with celebrating her achievements. Frankly rather naive though of jumper Greg Rutherford to moan that “people think we are all taking drugs”. If high profile athletes cheat [and states sanction cheating at the highest level] it is reasonable that sport loving individuals will and should question those involved. Until athletics has a cleaner reputation the situation will continue.

This morning a relaxed 6 miles jog before meeting viewtube guys for a 10k training run followed by a quick tea break. Then another couple of miles jog to West Ham Park to do the 5K there as a time trial. I was hoping to get close to the 20 minutes mark today, but only managed 20.35 [20.16 course time] with slightly tired legs. Only 16 miles today.


Tomorrow should hopefully see me go through 3,000 miles for the year so far, but with a farther 1810 needed in the remaining 108 days. Not getting any easier, though I am going ahead of needed TDC mileage..

TDC 540 days 5434 miles
RTR100 2980/4810 [61]


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