jogs [TDC537]

Just some little jogs today as recovery. Morning 3 miles to shops, late afternoon 3 miles to Run England session [gps lost signal for a mile?], 4 miles to Stratford after and 3 miles home late evening. All comfortable.


I was thinking today about the difference between jogging and running. Most seem to think it is a matter of pace, but I have come to the conclusion it is more to do with running form. Some can jog faster than others can run. And most of us unfortunately are merely joggers most of the time as we have quite terrible running form [myself included].

This makes most sense if looked at in terms of horse gaits: walk, trot, cantor, gallop. The form and the speed are related but not mutually exclusive. The biped equivalent might perhaps be: walk, jog, run, sprint?

TDC 537 days 5398 miles
RTR100 2944/4810 [61]


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