marathon [TDC536]

Decided yesterday to have a longer ‘blast’, as last weekday to do so until Xmas. So this morning an off-the-cuff marathon. Glad to have the company of Alessio for the last 16 miles.

Nice and evenly paced throughout [brief toilet stop at 11 miles]. Legs a bit tired the last 4-5 miles but I discovered what I thought was having to work harder to keep the same pace was actually increasing pace slightly over the last 3-4 miles.

All good then; a training marathon run at a comfortable pace, 3 days after a faster half marathon run and during a 100 mile week, in just under 3 hours 29 minutes.

Just a little leg stretch jog to Run England session and back in the evening for a 30 mile day.


Paula Radcliffe in the news today; denying any wrongdoing. At least the spotlight is on cheating in sport, so hopefully the powers that be can get something sorted, whatever the truth of the matter?

TDC 536 days 5385 miles
RTR100 2931/4810 [60]


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