walk [TDC531]

An article in the Evening Standard last night made me laugh. Especially as it mentioned zombies of course. Walking and texting/browsing aka ‘strolling and scrolling’ is bad for you apparently!? NSS!


I’m amazed to learn that in Antwerp they actually have ‘texting lanes’!? [Surely just an art intervention/stunt?] How about lanes for runners I say; to keep you safe from the slow moving zombie scrollers! Personally I think there is nothing sadder than runners out together all in their own private worlds of tech.

Today just a recovery 10 miles around evening Run England session.


viewtube runners in the local press again. Accepting our medals from the Guinness Book of Records oldest marathoner Fauja Singh on Sunday for our Marathon Relay efforts. Apparently he has now ‘retired’ from running and only walks. He seemed unencumbered by tech last weekend though.

TDC 531 days 5297 miles
RTR100 2843/4810 [59]


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