chilli [TDC521]

The weather has certainly changed [for the better in my opinion] temperature-wise and luckily today there were patches without rain, so jog to Stratford, Sweatshop 10K leading and jog home. for 8 miles total.


Always on the lookout for sensible healthy eating advice so good to see some science reason behind the value of chillies in your diet. Luckily I love spicy food. And with cooler weather approaching it might mean spicy vegetable soup [fluid full stomach fooling your appetite mechanism] will be the key to losing some of this weight over the Autumn?



Interestingly there seems little correlation these last couple of years [and farther back I am sure] between my average monthly mileage and my weight?

TDC 521 days 5154 miles
RTR100 2700/4810 [56]


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