sad [TDC516]

So yesterday Mr Coe was elected the prez of the IAAF. Was there any doubt? He promises a stricter line on drug cheats. But the Evening Standard comment sums it up perfectly. The IAAF are in denial. Necessarily in denial given the implications of having to admit they are not on top of the doping problem.


The issue is of course more complicated than it first appears, especially when it comes to interpreting data. But strangely whilst Pavey and Farah have just released their blood-test data pre World Championships to ‘prove’ they are clean, a supposed stalwart of anti-doping Paula Radcliffe seems to be backing the official WADA advice to not release data. No one will of course remember that Radcliffe failed FIVE tests back in 2002!

The problem is that running has become a big business just like any other capitalist venture, so many will be tempted to try and cheat the system if they think they can get away with it. Unfortunately just because someone is a household name, or publicly declares their anti-doping stance, does not mean they are clean. As history has shown.

Personally I despise any kind of cheating, hypocritical, morally bankrupt behaviour. Especially so when it concerns an activity I have dedicated so much of my life to, both as an athlete and even more so in helping others. For some of us, even though we have never been in a position to only engage with sport full time as a ‘career’, running is far more than just going for an occasional little jog. I think many in the athletics world have forgotten the true values of sport and sportsmanship in general and running in particular [if they ever even knew].

Today just a 10 miles in total trot to/from and with the evening Run England group in Beckton for an easy day as my lower back is still a bit sore. I need to start up the engines again on the distance running [though this will mean getting slower short distance again] as I am about 50 miles behind necessary TDC mileage and the RTR100 is now looking very unlikely with 2156 miles to do in only 133 days of the year remaining; 16.2 miles a day average or 113 miles a week!

TDC 516 days 5108 miles
RTR100 2654/4810 [55]


3 thoughts on “sad [TDC516]

  1. first time I read that Paula failed 5 drug tests and as expected the article doesnt give much details about what were the drugs found.

    • either they didn’t know or thought readers wouldn’t know? Either way must have been on some ‘banned’ list else they wouldn’t have commented on the BBC?? Until athletes test results are open to public scrutiny there will be no change to the public’s view of widespread doping?

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