back [TDC513]

Went out for an early morning 1 mile jog this AM as although quads are a bit tired I am feeling fine apart from [hence only 1 mile] the knocks sustained at the end of the Spitfire Scramble yesterday.

Strangely I had already traversed the route three times safely [twice in the dark] but inside the last mile on a steep [therefore very fast] downhill section with two offset plank bridges to get over one after the other I caught my toe in a rut and went straight down like a sack of spuds. Badly grazed knees and bruised shins today as well as a sore and slightly wrenched lower back, hence just a jog this morning. Hopefully the back will ease off in the next day or so, so I can get back to the necessary mileage for the TDC.


Still somewhat amazed today at what our little Run England group achieved yesterday against much bigger running clubs. Everyone worked so hard and enjoyed it so much. I think over 200 miles will become seen as the benchmark of a minimum quality standard for the next year’s event?

TDC 513 days 5088 miles
RTR100 2634/4810 [54]


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