scramble [TDC512]

Despite not having all our fastest runners at the event, the mixed ability viewtube team came within 4.45 minutes [that’s less than 10 seconds per 6 mile lap] of winning the mixed teams category of the Spitfire Scramble today with a total lap count better than last year’s winners. Without my tumble [winded me badly] during my last lap and a couple of others going the wrong way on occasions during the night [signage wasn’t clear in places] the margin would have been even closer.

Covering over 200 miles between the eight of us in a few minutes over 24 hours, we were pipped at the post in the last hour by the excellent London Marathon team.


Personally another two solid runs of 6 miles, the first in the dark and the second in the muggy sun. With more core strength I feel I could go even faster.

TDC 512 days 5087 miles
RTR100 2633/4810 [54]


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