steps [TDC502]

The Everest climb last Sunday [and how challenging it turned out being] has certainly got me more interested in these two events: The 11,674 steps (up) of the Niesenlauf vertical mile [1-2 hours] and the 39700 (up&down) steps 8.848 metres equivalent of Mt Everest that is the Treppenmarathon [13-24 hours]. Would have to be seriously fit to do them any justice.


Niesenlauf vertical mile

Both different types of stair climb but both of the longer than usual [tower running] variety? [even Niesenlauf vertical mile is five times higher than the Empire State Building run up].


Laughing today as though I have entered the Strava virtual challenge to climb the equivalent of Mont Blanc this month, I won’t be able to count the Everest 4424 metres completed on Sunday as it was logged by my watch as practically zero height of climb for the 6.5 moving hours!?

10 miles today easy.  6 miles this morning for run2work with Mike [surprised there weren’t more runners about given the tube strike] and a little trot this evening. Calves still a bit sore but to be expected. Staying ahead of the TDC average needed mileage.

TDC 502 days 5026 miles
RTR100 2572/4810 [53]


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