Today marks Halfway through the Thousand Day Challenge!

I am at just over half of the needed mileage for the thousand days, so on target there. I am at 53 virtual circuits of Jersey out of an upgraded 100 [rather than 70] in 214/365 of the time in 2015, so about 260 miles behind; which is going to be a real challenge to catch up. Still, this year is already my 3rd largest mileage year ever.

yearly mileages

Hard to believe now that for so many years I considered 30 miles a week was a good average [I did just run short though and only 3 or 4 times a week], whereas this year is at 80 miles a week. So if all continues this way for the remainder of the year I will certainly be in new territory, as my best previously was in 2012 at a little over 60 miles a week!

Sweatshop 10K cool down

Sweatshop 10K cool down

Today just another recovery day at 6 miles jogged slow, which included looking after the Sweatshop evening session. Calves still rather sore but loosening nicely.

TDC 500 days 5012 miles
RTR100 2558/4810 [53]


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