calves [TDC499]

Calves tight this morning so I just did a 1 mile shuffle to the shops [amazingly it was easier to jog at 11 mins a mile pace than it is to walk]. Feels like beginner marathon days where you can hardly walk the day after a race. Strange it is only calves. Feels like I’ve run 70-100 miles [I suggested 50 miles yesterday but this morning it feels more]. Not sure how fit you’d need to get to complete the whole Everest challenge solo?

5.30 am

5.30 am

On reflection I probably could have finished the whole thing but at a MUCH slower pace. I’m glad that the pacing was spot on after 8 hours though. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to continue for the whole thing in 16-17 hours, but nearer 24 hours? Next year perhaps.

Completed 25% more than last year and in the same time [601 vs 456]. Strangely blocks of 7-10 flights at a time, with a very short rest, seemed to work better than last years 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, routine. Who knows, a still better routine of breaks might enable a sub 18-20 hour full distance?

Pleased to have got the 601 flights anyway [the original challenge was for two runners doing half each] especially given that my stairs training has been poorer this year than in 2014 [but more flat mileage].


A huge thanks to those that came to support. Between 10 runners and myself we completed TWO Everest sea level to summits. Myself and two others did one summit and eight runners did the other summit [with four of those runners getting to a vertical mile each].

The spreadsheet of milestones.

TDC 499 days 5006 miles
RTR100 2552/4810 [53]


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