Everest [TDC498]

A big challenge day. Feels like there hasn’t been one for a long time [though I have run LONG and FAST since the 100 miles round Jersey in May]. Easy to see how people that run around Britain or do Land’s End John O’Groats or a marathon a day for a year etc find it hard to ‘run normal’ after.

Certainly the biggest challenge I have undertaken to date. Garmin stats say 11 miles from 6 and a half hours moving time out of 8 hours!? Felt harder than a 50 mile run. My calves strangely this year are the part that took the toll. I will log as 39 miles [10 minute mile effort for 390 minutes]. Garmin also says a 4ft gain in height over the 8 hours!?


I stopped at the original challenge distance of 601 flights [was initially supposed to be between just two of us] which is half the distance of Everest sea level to summit. This year as my running buddy is injured I had a surprise stand in team from viewtube runners turn up to help pace me and do the other half of the distance.


Achieved with ease. Two runners did a quarter each [making the full height with my tally] and another eight runners covered the whole height amongst themselves.

Legs certain to be tired tomorrow! A recovery day for sure. Full report then.

TDC 498 days 5005 miles
RTR100 2551/4810 [53]


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