peaks [TDC496]

A modest 370 miles for the month of July, and only a couple of miles ahead of the needed TDC average, with a very challenging start to August this weekend. I’d like to try and keep up the faster running efforts as I pick up the mileage again for the Autumn. But that will start in earnest from September.

Just a little 5 mile jog this morning to stretch the legs. Nice to be done before 7 am.

I discovered today [playing with stats] that I have about 4,000 miles to go to have run twice around the world since I started running in 1983; very slow progress at an average of only 29 miles a week. That pace has only picked up in the last 3 and a half years. Really interesting to see the last 3 years’ Movember Milo Miles challenge peaks on the graph [and the similar ‘run the dates’ challenge this February].

Monthly mileage 2011-2015

Monthly mileage 2011-2015

TDC 496 days 4963 miles
RTR100 2509/4810 [52]


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