gullible [TDC495]

Gull running [the nxt Olmpic champion sprinters

Gull running [the next Olympic champion sprinters?]

All feels a bit strange now that the Puma Points competition has ended and I can get out of the ‘maximising score’ mentality. These few very short and slow rest days should help ‘reset’ my thinking for August.

I should hopefully still find myself at TDC500 [halfway through the challenge] next Tuesday with at least half the needed total mileage? Sure to be an interesting and full on Sunday. Here’s hoping for neither rain nor boiling sun.

Just a little 3 mile trot to Stratford to check out the stairs this morning; yes there are still 46 in the flight. Everest is 8,848 metres so at 16 cm per step that is 55,300 steps equivalent. That’s 1202 times up and down!

TDC 495 days 4958 miles
RTR100 2504/4810 [52]


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