marathons [TDC494]

Of course just going out the front door and running a marathon is easy. The hard part is if you wish to raise money for charity you have to do the ‘showbiz’ thang. Which really doesn’t interest me at all.

So I need to start thinking properly about which organised marathons I will do as part of next year’s 50/50 and which ones I will try to organise myself? The trouble with organised ones is getting the time off work to go and attend them [also the entry fees, which takes away from the charity money raised].

Today, the first day of a mini-taper/recovery in readiness for Sunday’s Conquer Everest Challenge, so only 3 miles.

bug finish

It seems I finished top on the Puma Points Running Bug thang; but I had to work very hard. At least it meant I was pushed to run much faster than I would have otherwise, so not a bad thing at the end of the day.

Finishing positions for the four weeks: 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 5th [would have been 3rd if I hadn’t been lazy last night and had finished the 10 mile run rather than stopping at 7 miles].

TDC 494 days 4955 miles
RTR100 2501/4810 [51]


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