day after day [TDC492]

Some info from someone that ran 4,000 miles around the UK. Having built up to a base of 85 miles a week over eight months. Then …

Sunday 14 miles.
Monday 14 miles.
Tuesday 6 miles AM 4 miles PM
Wednesday 6 miles AM 8.5 miles PM
Thursday 6 miles AM 4 miles PM
Friday 6 miles AM 4 miles lunchtime and 5.5 miles PM
Saturday 6 miles AM 4 miles PM
Total weekly mileage 88 miles

October 100 miles a week
November 110 miles a week

Sunday 16 miles AM 10 miles PM
Monday 6 miles AM 14.5 PM
Tuesday 16.5 PM
Wednesday 12 miles AM 9 miles PM
Thursday 6 miles AM 4 miles PM
Friday 6 miles AM 10.5 PM
Saturday 7.5 AM
Total weekly mileage 118 miles

Alternating days of 20 miles [in one session] and
 10-16 miles.
Total weekly mileage 100-120 miles

So that gives me a clue as to the workload needed for lots of marathon days? Not so much a case of the weekly mileage, more a case of the mileage week after week for months. Six months of 100 or more a week?

As I have averaged around 85 miles a week for the last 5 weeks I think I could try for the 100 mile weeks as soon as I have recovered from the Conquer Everest Challenge? Let’s say Sept will be the ‘go’ date. That will nicely coincide with the beginning of the Autumn marathon training season anyway, incorporate this year’s Movember Milo Miles challenge, and help towards the needed effort to complete the RTR100 successfully.

Today, a 10 miler AM with a 5K time trial, and this evening just a slow 3 mile jog to the shops, for a somewhat ‘lazy’ 13 mile day. At least I ran 5K faster than I have in over three years [not that I’ve run many 5Ks in the last 3 years!].

TDC 492 days 4927 miles
RTR100 2473/4810 [51]


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