height? [TDC489]

Weighed myself on Monday and surprised to see I seem to have not lost any more lbs, so it’s still going at an incredibly slow rate. At least I know the diet is ‘calorie neutral’. This next five weeks has to be the turning point for my weight though. No idea how I have gained 5 inches of height? Better than the usual height loss after heavy mileage.

w 20715

At least it’s good to know that recent improvements in run times are down to training rather than simply being able to move faster due to being lighter.

Today just a 3 mile jog on a very rainy day. I’m now back with the TDC needed average and working on the harder second half of the RTR100 [upgraded from RTR70].

TDC 489 days 4888 miles
RTR100 2434/4810 [50]


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