VO2 [TDC487]

So looking at run times from the last few weeks [1 mile late May 6.06, 5Km in 21.12 and 10Km in 42.56 this weekend] I seem to be back to about the 70% age-graded level; with the 10Km being the slightly better result [and I’d have to say certainly not quite at current max effort].


My VO2 max reading calculated from these results therefore comes out between 46.5 and 47.8 or at almost ‘superior’ level for my age apparently!? Let’s see where we can take this?

Today only time for a slow 3 miler at the beginning of the final week of the Puma Points competition; which I find myself in first place overall, after finishing in second place for week three [week one 4th, week two 2nd, week three 2nd]. Good job it’s the first week of school Summer break so I can work closer to home.

TDC 487 days 4862 miles
RTR100 2408/4810 [50]


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