bull [TDC486]

This article from the paper made me laugh. Would 100 metre runners run faster if they had a bull chasing them? Seems very cartoonesque. Akin to greyhounds chasing a stuffed rabbit but the other way around. They could bovine disguise the 100 metre trackside camera.


Today a double 10 miler and 3 mile day but at a slow pace; the evening’s work included the Sweatshop 10K session. 23 miles today and I’m back level with the TDC goal tomorrow. Today I broke the 50 times around Jersey mark [2405 miles] and switch from RTR70 to RTR100 ie one hundred times around virtual Jersey rather than only 70 times during 2015, from tomorrow.

Meaning I’ve covered 11.89 miles a day average so far over the 202 days of 2015 and will need to cover 14.75 miles average over the remaining 163 days! That’s 103 miles a week. Ouch. Doable but hard work.

TDC 486 days 4859 miles
RTR70 2405/3360 [50]


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