newham fun run [TDC 484]

So more of an awkward time trial than a race this morning at the Newham 10K. Both because my legs are quite tired from a 110 mile week and because it isn’t really an event you can race [given the tight space and number of runners]. If only the powers that be had thought about this all when they were designing the area and made more runner friendly thoroughfares. It was a much more interesting course this year but it still took me until 7 Km to find the space to run. I certainly have no idea how so many runners could have got ahead of me at a not completely slow 6.45 a mile pace?

Anyway, the 10K in 42.56 [only 25 seconds off my prediction; easily the slowdown due to mass field] and with the jog there and then to West Ham Park after for a ‘cool down’ 5K, a 13 mile day in total. Reasonably happy with 10Km time given the limits of the course, field size and the longer mileage week.

Only now 10 miles behind TDC needed average mileage, so hope to be back to scratch by Tuesday night if all goes well.

TDC 484 days 4830 miles
RTR70 2376/3360 [49]


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