countdown [TDC483]

Just a jog to parkrun duties and back this morning, with tail running for the middle 5K. So a very slow 10 miles done. Weather has gotten warm again.

Hoping to be back up to scratch on the TDC average needed mileage by Monday? Tomorrow’s 10K race will be interesting on tired legs; over 100 miles this week for the first time since the around Jersey run [event week] at the beginning of May, or not since mid April as a training week.

It is interesting to see that on the Puma Points Running Bug challenge I am now getting remarks on my running [ie “you can’t be really doing this!?”, and the implied ‘you are cheating’? I can think of much easier ways to cheat if I was that way inclined!!]


Today is a red letter day! Hopefully in one year today I will be starting my attempt to run 50 marathons in 50 days.

TDC 483 days 4817 miles
RTR70 2363/3360 [49]


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