recording [TDC473]

Worse than the PB issue is the logging runs issue in the digital world. Is a 3 mile warm up, slight pause for breath, 1 mile TT, pause for breath, 3 mile cool down, 1 run or 3 runs? I’d say one run only. But if you merely hit the lap button on your watch between the portions, the 1 mile TT will not be logged as a PB [nor even a 1 mile fast effort] if it is one.

Just logging as 3 runs helps this, but then upsets other stats around average run length and pace etc. You could sort this out by manually logging everything, but who has the time.

puma points week1

Today was the first day of the second week of the Puma Points thang. I was surprised to have finished 4th in week one, but only with huge effort compared to those above me!? It seems the only way to score big is to ‘play the game’ within the boundaries of their miscalculating system [there are already runners on 1200 points just for today!?].

If I could get out two or three times a day and run a mere 5Km and make at least one of those a current PB I could score BIG every day. Either that and/or a slow 10 miler. Today I only managed a jog 3 miles around the evening Run England session.

TDC 473 days 4674 miles
RTR70 2220/3360 [46]


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