PBs [TDC472]

Worked hard today [so even though the Running Bug Puma Points thang isn’t working, … it is …] just to see what I could log. A slow 10 miler [then an hour break], a 5K PB attempt, and another 10 miles split around an hour’s break, Sweatshop 10 Km and long jog home cool down after a tea break. 23 mile total day.


Brings up an interesting dilemma around PBs. Exactly what is one? Seems like a straight forward notion, but … I have certainly run MUCH faster for 5K say, than I currently can of course [just over 17 minutes in army boots] but that was 20 years ago. So is that my PB or only lifetime PB? Is there a difference? If so what? Seems sensible to have a difference else if you started running young, you will never get any more short distance PBs after a certain age; just because we naturally slow as we get older.

This is where Age-Graded results are useful [as you CAN then still improve as you get older], but unfortunately most logging sites don’t utilise this feature. Strange really as the majority of runners are in the 35-50 age range.

So how long does a PB last for? Until you move up an age group category? Since the last time you were in shape? I haven’t pushed myself over 5Km for more than 3 years, so do I have to use that time as my PB or only what I can currently manage?

Perhaps the best policy is to break PBs down into smaller chunks. Lifetime/all time PB, age group PB, current/seasonal PB. Then useful comparisons and analysis can take place between them.

Of course on logging sites PBs are merely the fastest run you have done whilst logging with that site [if they interpret the data from your watch correctly]. A big problem though is often 5Km as advertised is not 5Km [parkrun] or not to your watch anyway.

TDC 472 days 4671 miles
RTR70 2217/3360 [46]


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