Sat [TDC 469]

Just a rucksack jog to parkrun duties this morning and a jog to Stratford afterwards, for a 4 mile day. I was tempted to run more but it was warm already at 8.30am!

I realise that on my tough new RTR100 [rather than RTR70] challenge I have to average 100 miles a week or more till the end of the year. Gulp! 4810 miles needed minus 2175 done already leaves 2635, or 460 miles more in the second half of the year compared to the first. I won’t officially change the challenge title until I reached x70 though.

Only presently 61 miles behind the TDC needed average of 10 miles a day for 1,000 days, which I’m sure I will catch up with again by the end of this month, most probably.

TDC 469 days 4629 miles
RTR70 2175/3360 [45]


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