work [TDC467]

Weather certainly cooler today [26 rather than 36 C] but still hard work. Seven of us jogged from Stratford into town for July’s run2work day. I therefore covered 10 miles this morning. Was hoping for the same again this evening but not enough time.

run2work july15

I worked out that if you were a games player on the Puma Points challenge, you could get nearly 12,000 points a week by going out and running a very slow [50 minutes] 5K the first morning, again at lunchtime but 5 seconds faster and again in the evening for 1680 points a day. Only 9 miles a day and all very slow [you’d finish after a month with a 42 minute 5K]. I wonder if anyone is ‘silly’ enough to try?

TDC 467 days 4609 miles
RTR70 2155/3360 [44]


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