zippy [TDC463]

Had thought I’d probably do a marathon today but decided to help out the organisers [I was the only entrant] and stick to the Half so they wouldn’t have to wait just for me. Glad I did, as it allowed me to test my recent faster running over a longer distance; I haven’t pushed at the Half distance for over two years.


Some of the Half guys

I seem to be in about 1:35 Half pace fitness presently then? Reasonably pleased given I did a long effort last Sunday and that has left my legs a little tired still, especially for ups. 16 miles total day with Half in 1:37.44 on an uppy downy course.

Pleased with the 2KM lap stats [pretty evenly paced]:

09:23 | 09:12 | 09:10 | 09:15 | 09:13 |
09:10 | 09:10 | 09:12 | 09:12 | 09:08 |

10K guys

Some of the 10K guys

Looking like I’m back to the 300 mile months for June so that’s also moving in the right direction.

TDC 463 days 4571 miles
RTR70 2117/3360 [44]


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