mucky [TDC462]

Felt warmer than 20C at 8am this morning? And going to get very much hotter this next week. Just a rucksack jog to/from parkrun duties this morning for a slow 5 miles.

So it struck me this today looking at stats, that I am only 38 days away from half way through the Thousand Day Challenge [to run 10,000 miles]. Being slightly under required distance at the present I have to therefore cover 82 miles a week for the next five weeks to get to 5,000 miles in 500 days. Interestingly, apparently 5,000 miles is the distance around the coastline of Britain?

Also with now only three weeks to go till the one year till 50/50 countdown starts, I find myself thinking about what training I should start doing/will need to get me through that challenge? I think I have a decent foundation but now need to up my game.

TDC 462 days 4555 miles
RTR70 2101/3360 [43]


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