30day [TDC454]

Today starts a 30 day countdown till 1 year to go for the 50/50, so I have got to start making some inroads into my stubborn static weight; as I simply can’t afford to have to lose the excess pounds over too short a period, as that will affect training quality. At least 10-15 pounds needs to go. No question.


Part of the solution [beyond putting less in my gob] is to keep the training pace up on some of the runs. So a run at just over 7 minutes per mile and some varying distance intervals between 6 and 6.30 pace for another run, with at least some of the longer runs at 7.30 – 8 pace. Else all at a more comfortable 8.30-10 pace.


Today then, a 6 mile jog to Victoria Park, a faster 1 mile at 6.30 pace [all my legs could handle today], and then a 4 mile jog home after the evening’s Run England group, for an 11 mile day.

TDC 454 days 4465 miles
RTR70 2011/3360 [41]


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