hundred? [TDC453]

Easy jog day so only 8 miles pottering around. Quads a little tired from the faster running of the previous two days. Just some small short sharp efforts and some timed stairs tomorrow whilst waiting for the 42 miles on Sunday.


I’ll have to try and keep up the faster work though I have to get back to the much longer runs and higher mileage weeks asap. Most disappointingly my weight refuses to shift from around 11 st 12lbs; which is still heavier than I have been for most of my life.

Today I hit 2,000 miles for the year so far, so looking like certainly being over 4,000 miles for 2015, but how close could I get to 4,810 miles? As this would be the equivalent of 100 times around the island of Jersey rather than just the 70 I thought I’d aim for this year.

TDC 453 days 4454 miles
RTR70 2000/3360 [41]


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