currant bun [TDC451]

The thing I find most amusing/insightful about Sunday’s Mile race was the Garmin watch stats. I know I pushed start/stop on the timing mats and yet I logged 6.07 and the official time was 6.12, a full 5 seconds difference.

Meaning either the GPS measurement is out a full 5 seconds of distance [about 40 metres? which is the maximum amount of deviation claimed for this model] or I ran an extra 40 metres on the course, trying to get past people; or a bit of both?

This is why GPS watches can be a training drawback if you ‘believe’ them too closely in your logging/striving for betterment. Sometimes simple-simple is the best policy. The same ‘this tree to that lamppost’ course with a stopwatch. Quicker actual time equals improvement.

Today a 5.5 mile ‘warm up’ run that became tempo pace by the end, a faster tempo 4.5 miles, and a Sweatshop 10K, before a short cool down jog home for 8 miles and an 18 miles total day. Covered in little flies tonight like a currant bun.

TDC 451 days 4434 miles
RTR70 1980/3360 [41]


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