have a rest [TDC450]

Unfortunately my running buddy for today’s Everest Challenge is under the weather so I have had to postpone the 55,000 steps again. Health is always more important! A tiny part of my right calf has been a little sore the last 2-3 days anyway, so suits me [probably from the intervals return last Monday? or the new springy shoes?] I’m sure it’s just a couple of misaligned muscle fibres.


So here’s a photo of my father winning the over 70s category of the Jersey Half Marathon yesterday in 1:54 though not race-fit, instead.

Just a small 2 mile lunchtime trot to the shop without any problems then today, though I was very tempted to go and do 400M repeats in West Ham Park and then a timed 1576 steps in Stratford this morning. Often the hardest part of proper training is being ‘sensible’ when you know you must/should. Has kept me injury free for three decades so far so can’t complain. Will try to relax this week in preparation for Sunday’s parkathon 42 miles; though that will of course be ‘just’ a long training run rather than a ‘race’.


Not a great start to the week then but at least yesterday I got my Strava MTS badge [200km so far this month] Running Bug ‘Legend’ status [no idea what on earth could come after Legend!?] and contributed 63 miles to the Soldier On Challenge. All a bit silly really; it is after all just about covering some miles. But it does help to keep you motivated sometimes.

TDC 450 days 4416 miles
RTR70 1962/3360 [40]


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