smiler [TDC449]

Overcast day, which was good for running. Transport was awful though. Some rough corners to iron out at the second City of London Mile but otherwise I think this is going to be a great event going forward.

Some of the guys.

Some of the guys.

Didn’t manage to have a quality warm up due to the nature of the space available, and the start was pretty contested, and the finish came too soon [hadn’t started sprinting before end was in sight as I thought there were more turns to come] but still reasonably happy with the 6.12 that was texted to me as my result [but my own time with watch was 6.07 (again) so not sure if time will come down?] but feel I can certainly go faster.


More PBs from the guys, and a few of us jogged back 5 miles to Stratford after a free fizzy in a nearby bar. It was also lovely to have 15 pupils from school running and doing great times.

TDC 449 days 4414 miles
RTR70 1960/3360 [40]


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