shoes [TDC447]

I definitely caught the sun yesterday pottering around. And I have to say it is best not to poo poo shoes just because they aren’t a ‘big name’ player. The Karrimor shoes I have now covered 30 miles in [makes me laugh; that is an ‘easy’ 2 days and the mileage I used to cover in a week] yesterday and today, feel like slippers out of the box.


I guess these days, just like shop own brand baked beans being essentially the same as other cans, there is little difference between most shoes despite the brand or even arguably cost?

It will be interesting to see how long they last? Only bought cheaply as a stand-in pair.

Today a 3 mile jog to work AM, then 2 mile jog to Stratford after work, and about 6 miles walking before/after the evening’s Run England session; so only a 5 mile day.

TDC 447 days 4401 miles
RTR70 1947/3360 [40]


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