brunch [TDC442]

Today just a nice run to viewtube and a sharper 7 miles in the middle for a 10 mile day. Then we had a nice social brunch together for the Big Lunch.

I was interested to see from tables yesterday that if I was able to get a 6:03 for the mile next Sunday it would equate to a VO2 max for my age of ‘Superior’. It doesn’t feel like it. That would also equate to an in my prime [20-29 age group] 5.21 mile time. As I know I have run at least 30 seconds faster than that I have to set a goal of breaking 5.30 by next year to be AG better now than I was when in my 20s. Might still be possible?

Tomorrow starts the Soldier on Challenge. And I belatedly start my food diary. Bah!

TDC 442 days 4351 miles
RTR70 1897/3360 [39]


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