muggy [TDC440]

Miserable day running-wise as I hate the sudden changes in temperature; leaves me feeling wiped out. So I only managed a 4 mile jog home after the evening Run England session tonight even though I had an hour after work that I could have run. I did go up to the track in Victoria park with full intention of running but found it fenced off for the Field Day music event and my resolve crumbled to be honest.

At least 4 miles is more than 0 miles. I guess I’ll have to make amends tomorrow after parkrun duties with several thousand steps. Especially as the faster guys tonight did excellent 1200 repeats at full pelt.


The front page of the Evening Standard was a little alarming today! Despite advice that running is good for you even given the city pollution, there seems to be some backtracking going on?

TDC 440 days 4336 miles
RTR70 1882/3360 [39]


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