timed [TDC438]


Silly little digital badges can be a good motivational and/or ‘keep it interesting’ tool. For some reason I find myself getting logged on a few sites I’ve tried in the past [or needed to join for various challenges]. Strange to see how they interpret your data differently.


A Garmin watch 5K isn’t necessarily a Strava 5K when imported. Annoying when you thought you’d done a good time but find it is logged short by a few metres [you would just have run a few metres more if the watch indicated such a need]. And a parkrun 5K is almost never a 5K.

I have just started to try to get a Smashrun ‘fast & slow’ badge; meaning I need to complete 10 runs faster than 8 mins per mile and 10 runs slower than 10 mins per mile, in a month. Harder than it sounds, especially given all the other stuff I am trying to do this month [and the slow runs need to be really slow], but it keeps things interesting on a different level to the more structured training. Just a bit of fun.

Time only allowed a small run today; jog to Stratford, timed steps before evening Run England group, jog home. 6 miles equivalent.

TDC 438 days 4315 miles
RTR70 1861/3360 [38]


2 thoughts on “timed [TDC438]

  1. I used to plan all my runs to account for the GPS data and how it is logged. Nothing worse than mapping a 5k and finishing at 3.0 😦

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