June [TDC433]

soldier on

Soldier On challenge June 8-14th

A day that sneaked/snuck past with no running miles. I was ready to go at 7.30am but my training partner never showed [nor later in the day] which is always when it is easy to lose a run, especially on an otherwise dodge the rain type of day. We’ll just call it another recovery day [it has only been 3 weeks since the last big effort].

I am looking forward to supporting Mike at the Kent Roadrunners Marathon tomorrow and trying out the nearby parkrun 5K early on. I might just have to push a bit and try for something around 22 minutes? Just to see how the legs are doing. It will be my 27th parkrun in 4 1/4 years [hundreds volunteered though] so creeping ever closer to the 50 t-shirt.

ABF logo

Found another challenge for June, which luckily can just be part of the general day to day running [though knowing me I will do extra miles especially]. Monies go to a good cause and my miles for the week of June 8-14th get added to those of others trying to complete the equivalent [or greater] of the distance around the coast of Britain [mainland UK]. Will certainly be a challenge given the other running I am doing during the month!

Am looking forward to it. The only problem with these longer runs/events is you feel in limbo-land during the necessary go easier recovery weeks.

TDC 433 days 4276 miles
RTR70 1822/3360 [37]


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